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Artists Care About Bridges feels shocked, ashamed and angry

It feels like a punch in the face of every decent human to suggest receiving 150 (!) out of almost 13.000 people who are living in the worst thinkable conditions without a safe place to be, without clothings, no food, no water, no health support.

There is no time to waste until an EU solution is going to pass, while in the meantime people are dying: Not on the European borders, not on the sea – just nowhere!

We beg you to please sign each petition, go to demonstrations and donate for supporting Seebrücke to increase the pressure on politics for evacuating Moria and bring the people to a Safe Harbour. Federal states, municipalities and cities in Germany already articulated their will to receive people from Moria. This is urgently needed NOW.

Our donation campaign for Seebrücke #UnitedWeShare is still online.

To donate click here

Build a bridge by extending your hand and joining us in creating an open, inclusive and progressive Europe.