Against police surveillance on peaceful art festivals!

Joint Declaration for the Freedom of Art and Culture

The police want to stop Fusion Festival* unless they are able to erect a police station in the middle of the festival grounds and are able to patrol the site around the clock without specific reason.

We are fighting against this!

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full support by revoluzy** and Artists Care About Bridges!!!

*Fusion Festival is:
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s most famous cultural event & Europe’s largest uncommercial, alternative cultural festival.
Fusion and the association behind it Kulturkosmos e.V. have given generations of young people from the region a cosmopolitan, open and liberal minded view on the world.


**revoluzy as website also acts activistically by occasionally supporting calls/ events/ manifestos etc. by publishing these actions and political attitudes through this internet presence for showing face against any form of national, fascist, racist, sexist, repressive and unhumanistic movements and developments!